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Love Poems

These Pass-it-on poems were written and submitted by visitors to this website and tcastle.com.  Navigate all poetry categories by the buttons on the left.  Each poem has a send button to email the poetry to your friends and loved ones as well as optional sharing methods including facebook, twitter and many more.  These poem pages are streamlined to be faster loading than the greeting cards.  Pop-up Midi-O-Matic music is available by clicking the note at the top of each page.  Pick your own song!

Title of poem Author Category
Locket Christine Wong Love Poem
Never Really Knew You Ashley Wilson Love Poem
Freedom E Kelly Jr. Love Poem
No One Marie Williams Love Poem
Your Spirit Comes Kimberly Love Poem
Entrust Your Hand to Me Matt Thompson Love Poem
Life's Lesson Tasha Strickland Love Poem
Missing You Deriek Ellis Miss You Poem
Each Step Karlon Gabriel Lett Love Poem
For A Moment Like This Robert Small Love Poem
How Dare You Be So Wonderful? Rebecca Rey Love Poem
Your Love Joan Kasemeyer Love Poem
Loves Ride Patty Love Poem
I Love The Way Clare Love Poem
Unrequited Love Havi Love Poem
Dreams Can Come True Donald Hayes Love Poem
Day by Day Zaria Love Poem
Dream of Love Tiff Love Poem
Simply Love Barbara Hurst Love Poem
Sometimes I Wonder Crystal Love Poem
A Soft Heart Brenda Wardill Love Poem
Seven Steps To Heaven Jason Phillips Love Poem
Always In The Heart Tonya Garrett Love Poem
If Sunni Love Poem
Dreams Can Come True Donald Hayes Love Poem
To Be With You Reginald Holmes Love Poem
Over The Rainbow Mary Love Poem
The Angel That Stands By Me Miskitti Love Poem
Faraway Sandi Gonzales Love Poem
Sweetheart Nikki Douglas Love Poem
My Wish Mr. Doug, The Poet's Pen Love Poem
The Oneness of You Mary West Love Poem
Love Is Special Erum Ghafoor Love Poem
Symbols of Love Shannon Walls Love Poem
So Very Far Away Joynheart Love Poem
Today Donald Hayes Love Poem
Loves Small Flaw S. Louden Love Poem


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