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Unrequited Love

I am, in your absence, incomplete...
Each day too empty, each night too long,
Following shadows down an empty street
Thinking, each corner I turn will be the one
Where you'll be waiting for me.

Alone in a crowd, I seem to see you just ahead,
But as I push my way to go where you seem to go,
I do not find you...someone else instead
Bears the form that made my heart lurch so!

Sometimes I hear your voice across the street,
Or someone smiles the same way you smile,
And just for a moment, you are here with me
And I with you for just a little while.

Always the quest, the seeking and yearning,
Waking in the night, saying your name
Then restless slumber, the constant dreaming
Only to find in the light of morning...
After all...everything's still the same.

~Copyright © Havi~


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