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Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow with the sky so blue.
There is someone who loves me to give me a man like you.

I still remember the sound of your voice so sweet and pure.
And what I feel for you is love I am sure.

You wonder how I love you in such a short time,
This only God knows but I am glad you're mine.

My life was gray before and then along you came,
and now my life and the rainbow colors are the same.

With love, a smile and a wonderful sweet kiss
you send my heart into a bliss.

With each passing day the warm feelings flow
and the love never ceases to grow.

If you could see in my heart the love is like an endless sea
and this is how it will always be.

I will try to show this in every way.
Until the last breathe I take on my dying day.

~© Mary~

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