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Family Poems

These Pass-it-on poems were written and submitted by visitors to this website and tcastle.com.  Navigate all poetry categories by the buttons on the left.  Each poem has a send button to email the poetry to your friends and loved ones as well as optional sharing methods including facebook, twitter and many more.  These poem pages are streamlined to be faster loading than the greeting cards.  Pop-up Midi-O-Matic music is available by clicking the note at the top of each page.  Pick your own song!

Title of Poem Author Category
Mama's Baby Sonja McAdams Baby Girl Poem
Mama Mary Delorme Mother Poem
Hush Little Child Michael Levy Child Poem
Seasons Of Our Life Loretta Lipsey & Laura Hayes Mother Poem
You Are Vanessa Kerr Mother Poem
Daddy April Father Poem
My New Daddy Roxanne Heard-15 Step Father Poem
Grandma, I Remember Brenda Metz Grandmother Poem
A Bond Between a Mother and Daughter Krystal Jablonsk Mother-Daughter Poem
Birthday Of A Family Margie Parsons Family Poem
Mother V. Oranell Cupp Mother Poem
Without a Mother Matthew David Ward Mother Poem
The Little Girl MistyDawn Family
My Sisters Joanna Hobbins Sisters Poem
Who Is A Sister? Neeti Sawarthia Sisters Poem
Family Terri Napoleon Family Poem
I Saw Nancy Dryden Family Poem
My Sister, My Friend, and My Hero Misty Dawn Wilhite Sister Poem
Dear Grandma Candi Kay Grandmother Poem
From God's Hands To Yours Lottie Ann Knox Child Poem
A Special Mother Miskitti Mother Poem
To My Granddaughter Mary West Granddaughter Poem
Daddy's Little Man Mildred Paxton Father Poem
Sister Aspen Sister Poem
Son Marie Williams Son Poem
Memories June Green Family Poem
Memories of My Dad Mary West Father Poem
Sisters Rosemary Wynings Sister Poem
Harvest of the Heart Patti Jorden Mother Poem
Anniversary Wishes Rosemary Wynings Husband Poem
Grandma’s Prayer Donald Hayes Grandmother Poem
Mom Terry P. Barnes Mother Poem
My Mother Rosemary Wynings Mother Poem


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