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Birthday Of A Family

You didn't arrive with gift-wrap and bows
Instead you arrived in Mother Nature's attire
Complete with ten little fingers, and ten little toes.

Your gender determined by the Powers of Heaven, and
He created you are for us, the perfect selection.
Additionally as parents, we undeniably have imperfections.

From the second you were born, you became an integral part of our life
Love of family developed into a major component, forming a connection
Of devoted love and affection.

You have inspired in us unlimited pride, undoubtedly visible in your achievements acquired.
From infancy to adult you have made our life complete and fulfilling,
Assembling a life of adequate significance desired.

We've gained far more from you, than we ever gave.
Lots of Memories are etched in our minds, plus additional
Memories of the future to continually engrave.

In conclusion we want to add,
Have a Wonderful Birthday!
ALL OUR LOVE: Mom and Dad

~© Margie Parsons~


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