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Teddy Bear, soft squishy guy
Pleasant picture--tear to my eye.
Tools in the basement, kids stop by
Sharing knowledge, sweet by and by.

Sewing her clothes, sharpens the seam
Sweet face, eyes--misty green,
Lovely lady, cuddles him warm
Little red box, love letters of war.

Stories from Grand dad, bounce on knee
Chocolate face, both him and me,
Walking the breakwater--waves over wall
Running fast, wet clothes in the hall.

Fresh jam for bread, peas from pod
Nature filled apron, treasures from God,
Oh Grandma--doily so nice
Love on the table, void of price.

Piano, Violin, music so bold
Family traits--our elders of old,
Frozen in time, prairie peace
Memories guarded--heavens valise.

~© June Green~


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