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A Special Mother!

Honeysuckle vines smell not sweeter than you, my mother~
A rose hath not the dearness of your heart...
A daisy hath not the purity or delicate beauty,
Of which you are a special part!

No love truer anywhere in the world, dear mother~
Sincerity that easily cannot be found...
But when you pressed me to your breast, my special mother,
All these glorious qualities did abound!

When of naught I had to worry~
When you shielded me from all that was unkind...
When you protected me as like an angel,
The problems of the world were not mine!

And many time I think back to those dearest times~
When for me, you easily shed a tear...
How many times, special mother of mine,
I hoped and prayed you were near!

But a special angel went to heavenly beauty~
A one so lovely like no other...
Filled with beauty so sublime in her heart,
Oh, yea, it was my special mother!

~© Miskitti~


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