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I Saw

Let me tell you what I saw today
While out on a drive down towards the Bay.
I saw a mother duck with her babies in a line,
Down on the lake just past the 'no fishing' sign.

There was an old sneaker, complete with its old sock
On the edge of the pavement just passed the old town clock.
A brown beer bottle set by the side of the road,
Next to a big run-over toad.

Then there was this big man with his tow truck,
And for the other guy - such poor luck.
For the driver was hooking up his small car to tow
And watching from a-top a tree, one old black crow.

I saw lots of stores and shops,
A tractor and a farmer in the field, looking over his crops.
Out on the lake, a boat with a red sail,
Further yet in a pasture, a white horse with a long tail.

Down in a ditch drinking was a shaggy brown dog.
Then I saw a 4-wheeler that must have gone through a bog.
Then when I came to a stop for a train, people were waving,
Another mile passed that there were some men on the road, paving.

I noticed a fox with a bunny for his lunch,
Caught him by surprise, is my hunch.
Along the road at the end of every driveway -
Blue garbage bags, ready for pickup today.

I had great weather for a drive on this day.
But then it was time to come home from the Bay.
On the way home I saw huge red sunset
What more perfect a day could a person get?

I saw everything that there was to see.
But home is still the best place to be.
With this thought I'll try to take with me,
On my next drive when I go down to the sea.

~© Nancy Dryden~


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