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Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma, I miss you so much!
I wish I could hug you, even a little touch.
You meant so much to me,
I knew you loved me too, even though you could not see.
I wish you were here to talk to,
Because that is all I used to do.
Was listen to you for hours talk,
And I still remember that short walk
That me and you took down the road.
It meant so much to me, even though it never showed.
Little did I know, It would be the last walk we took.
And I still remember the way you look,
The way you acted, they way you cared.
How you laughed and how you dared.
I respected you so much for that,
Even when I was a brat.
"I love you" was the last thing you said,
Before you took your final rest in bed.
But I never got a chance to respond
That I loved you too, we had a special bond.
I never wanted to say goodbye,
But I know I'll meet you again, when I die.

~© Candi Kay, 15~


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