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I knew it when I saw you
For the very first time
I was in for trouble
Of the very best kind

I see the way you look at me
Behind your marble screen
Piercing through my confidence
With the eyes of a forgotten Queen

Trust me when I say I know you
I've been with you for years
I've danced in your joy
I've howled in your tears

I was there when you were in love
I've seen you win and lose
I've watched you walk alone in torment
I've seen the abuse

I wish I could protect you
Keep you safe and dry
If the darkness tried to fall on you
I'd hold open the sky

You don't need me to save you
You're as tough as I've ever seen
You're strong enough to tak'em all on
You are beautiful, powerful and free

The mighty sun in all its glory
And the brightness with which it shines
Is forced to sit in jealousy
Of the light within your eyes

You are lovely to me
I submit, I forfeit, I cease
In you I found my heart again
My love, my soul, my peace

Even if I never know you
As a lover or a wife
You will always be the angel
He sent to save my life

Your gaze has broken through
The wall I built in pain
That kept me from feeling
What little hope remained

Loving you has torn away
The bindings and the chains
I am grateful Lovely One
For the freedom love attained

Copyright © by E Kelly Jr.


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