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Loves Ride

Here I am once again on the same old ride
Up and down and side to side
Your love takes me up so very high
Yet that same love can make me want to die

You fill me with a love so complete
With just one word you sweep me off my feet
A peace that comes from a love with no bounds
All I ever need, in you I have found

The same love that makes my soul sigh
Can at times make me do nothing but cry
Careless words spoken and implied
Makes me wonder if it is all just a lie

Is this all just one big game to you
If not, then how can you leave me so blue
A feeling of wondering will I ever be enough
Or if you will leave me when things are tough

Then your love comes shining through
Showing me that your love is indeed true
One look in your eyes and I’m lost in a dream
Floating forever in your loves endless stream

~Copyright © Patty~


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