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For A Moment Like This

Your love
Your touch
Your loving kiss
A moment like this
I don't want to miss.
Some people wait a lifetime
Some people search forever
For a moment like this
With you, I've found happiness
I've never known
You're more than I ever knew existed.
More than I ever dreamed of
Every breath that I take
Every moment I'm awake,
I think of you
It's all I want to do.
This world can be so hard but,
With your love I know things can change
And no longer will I feel the sadness
Nor loneliness and the pain
Feeling your embrace,
my heart begins to race.
With you, I found what I was looking for
Behind me, I shut the door
Knowing deep inside
I have to search no more
For you, my love is everlasting forevermore.

~© Robert Small~


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