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Who will stand for you?
Jesus if you ask him to.
He is standing with his arms open wide-
If you will but just step to his side.
He will make your life as good as new-
He will make a better you.
The world will always stand in fear-
They do not know he is so dear.
If they would but take the chance-
They would find he is worth more than just a glance.
He will always be there for us-
He once fell to the dust.
He carried the cross-
He hung on the tree.
He made a way for you and me.
If we will but take hold-
We will find we need not gold.
If we follow him always-
We will find better days.
Life will still have toil and strife-
However, with Jesus you will have eternal life.

~© Stacy Workman~


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