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Things That Make Me Happy

All the colors of the rainbow,
All the pinks, and greens, and blues.
Are so special when the sun hits them,
As it catches all their hues.

Gentle breezes blowing,
As the wind is swirling 'round.
Just like little tiny fairies,
As they dance onto the ground.

Little baby bunnies,
And little ducklings too.
Are so soft and cute and cuddly,
With their fur so soft and new.

Dancing little raindrops,
As they fall unto the ground.
Kissing petals of the flowers,
As it spreads their scent around.

Bright and twinkling stars,
As they sit in the sky at night.
Hung with silverly moon beams,
As it's ever oh so bright.

Feeling all these special things,
Just reminds me about you.
All the things that make me laugh and smile,
And the friendship of us two.

~© Sunni~


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