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Two people with common
interests, and characteristics,
values, and views.

They need not be lovers,
but they need to be friends.

Friends who share most anything,
without having to worry, about
what kind of reaction
may be brought forth.

Knowing that compassion
and understanding
will always be there.

Knowing that caring advice
comes from the heart,
but is not ruled by it.

One who can tease
tears, and anger,
and even a muddled mind
Into a smile or a laugh.

A person you wish to have
as a part of your life,
For always.

You come close to asking
"What could become of
all of this, if circumstances
ever came to allow it."
For some reason,
you always decide to stop.

When the time comes, and
I share this writing,
I'm sure I'll be asked,
-if only by one person-
"Who did you write this for?"

Thanks to someone in my life,
who is all of this to me,
I've written it for those
who have found their soul mate.
And for those who continue to search.

~© Dione Ferguson~

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