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Christmas Eve Of Old

Candlelights dance in the windows bright
Snow is falling clean fresh and white
Children's noses are frosted and red
Santa and his reindeer are close it is said.

The christmas tree is covered in bright shiny tinsel
Orbs of gold and green and wreaths of thistle
Ribbons of velvet and carved wooden sculptures
Of boxes, drums, bells, rocking horses and soldiers.

Candy canes and popcorn chains
Delicious gingerbread men and things
All tied up on strings and dangling there
And a star on the top to light up the air.

Sugar cookies are baking in the oven
An aroma so sweet the whole house is jumping
Excitement and anticipation is in the air
Carols are playing and singers are everywhere.

The egg nog's in the bowl, for the kids a taboo
If we were to taste some what would it do?
Make us bust out in laughter like Uncle Bill
Giddy like Aunt Martha when she's had her fill.

Red cheeks like Daisy and sparkle like Rosy
Or fall asleep like Grandpa all comfy and cozy
Grandma and Dad well they had some too
But Mother said just a slight bit will do.

Sweet potato pie and May's hot rolls
These are the recipes only heaven knows
A well kept secret we wait for all year
Through Thanksgiving and Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cookies and milk for Santa, then off to bed
Two excited children with visions in their heads
Of all the new toys and games they will play
When they awake in the morning on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

~© 2000 Paula Johns ~

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