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Bearing Gifts

I passed a teenager upon the street,
who nodded, and politely gave me a smile.
I was in too much of a hurry to return his gesture,
After all, I had to be back to the office, in just a short while.

My child came running up from play;
a handful of daisies, she brought.
I thanked her, thoughtlessly lay them aside,
and into the wastebasket, they were later tossed.

My grandmother gave me once a beautiful ring,
a memento of her well spent life.
I put it away, until a rainy day.
I pawned it, when cash was low, and my spirit, was downcast and contrite.

My Father gave me a Gift, one that was blessed, by far.
I gave it not, a second thought, I was reaching out for another star.

I came upon the Pearly Gates.
As they opened, I stepped inside.
I stood before the Judgment Throne;
I wanted to run and hide. :-(

"Where is the work I sent you to do?"
My Father asked, with disappointment upon His face.
I muttered not a feeble excuse.
I was ashamed, I could not explain.
I felt completely worthless, in this beautiful Place.

If I could but just turn back, and give that teenager a smile.
If I could replace those daisies, so carelessly cast aside,
and make my daughter a happier child.
If I could find that ring, that beautiful ring,
a treasure from my grandmother's heart,
I would hold it close and treasure its worth,
and NEVER from me, would it part.

I would take my Gift, the one My Father had given,
I would work endlessly, night and day.
When my life was over, and all those who were lost,
whom I had been responsible for, saved,
"Well done, My Child," My Father could rightfully say.

Sandra Lewis Pringle ~

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