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The Glorious Light


One night while looking above
I saw a light shining in the sky
It twinkled gloriously of God's love.
So beautifully and by. star

It was a cold, crisp, clear night.  
I could see forever and ever.
The beauty of everything so bright.
It was a night I wouldn't forget...never. star

There were millions of twinkling stars.
Each with a brilliance all its own...
Shining near by and away so far.
Letting me know I wasn't alone. star

Then all of a sudden, one star stood out.  
It came to me as if in a dream.
Capturing my attention without a doubt.
Bringing God's message, it seems. star


In the center was a magnificent sight.
An Angel that was sight to behold.
Her omnipresence was a glorious light.
She was dressed in soft white and gold. star

Saying "God has sent me here.  
Because He loves you so.
He wants you to know He holds you dear.
He will never, ever let you go." star

From that moment on I knew I was all right.
And I knew that alone I would never be.
Just hold close to that beautiful sight.
The Angel saying "God loves me". star

Our God is so very just.  
He loves us each and every one.
In Him we must place our trust.
For His work is one on one... star

~© TheLadyPeach ~

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