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Winter's Friend

A winter's friend comes now and then
to turn your grey skies blue
like a special angel from up above
sent down to comfort you.
Your winter's friend will hold your hand
and make you smile again
brush away your tears, kiss your cheek
and your broken heart amend.
Your winter's friend will call you up
spend late nights on the phone
and knows when to take a step back
when you feel like being alone.
You'll meet together, laugh and sing
off note a tune or two
a little secret that you'll keep
between the two of you.
But seasons come and change
and spring will rearrange
so you winter's friend must melt away
just like the snow caps do.
And here comes your spring friend
a brighter day anew,
and as sure the sun will rise
seasons change to no surprise.
And one day when you're sad and blue
your winter's friend will be there for you.

~© A.K. Mondesir~

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