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My heart was imprisoned
in a steep tower
weeping, distressed...
she tried valiantly to escape
but her chains were too bitter
the walls too high
and monsters with poison fangs
lurked far below.
What was she to do?
What knight would rescue her?
So nightly she sang
and daily she prayed
and she thought and thought
contemplating the stars
that peered into her window
glowing and lovely
but blind and deaf.

Then one day a Prince
came riding by
on a steed of righteousness
and he heard her song.
Lifting his shining lance
he challenged the Dragon
that held her in thrall
he fought it gallantly
wrestling with all his strength
until the writhing Beast
blew a blast of flame
and the Prince soon lay dead
beneath the Dragon's feet.

And he cried, "HAH! I have won!
Heart, you are MINE!"
and spat on the charred corpse.
Yet even before his golden eyes
The blackened body began to stir
and shiver
and shine.
Its charred garments fell away
its skin turned to gold.
In dire dismay
the Serpent turned and fled.
The Prince rose slowly
clad all in light.
He outshone the stars
which fell into his hands
and he fashioned a crown of them
and fixed them on his brow.

He easily scaled the tower
calling gently to my heart.
She quickly grew wings
and flew into his hands
like a tamed dove
diamond tears falling
on his happy fingers.
And now they are one
and they live in his Castle
planting flowers of faith
and trees of truth
and their songs fly like flags
from the highest towers
for all to hear.

Copyright © Lori Gardner


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