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A Better Way Of Life

I sat trembling as I listened
To the words that were spoken to me.
It seemed I had broken all the rules,
So blinded I failed to see.

The power, that had weakened me,
Led me on a sinful course.
For, now, I found myself frozen
And reeling from great remorse.

Flashbacks, of a life I had led,
Haunted the depth of my soul;
Laws that I recklessly squandered,
While acting out various roles.

This monster, who had promised me
That my life would be rich with fun,
Had taught me how to turn my back
And how my Lord to shun.

Satan is the name that visited,
Stripping the love from my heart ~
Until God's presence granted me
Forgiveness and a brand new start!

He told me that His love for us
Will never bend or weaken
And that forgiveness is always granted
When we listen while He is speaking!

Copyright © 2003 by Valentyne Lang


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