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Quotes by Joseph P. Martino

"That Soft And Gentle Voice.
It Will Always Guide You Faithfully
To Make The Wisest Choice."

"Misplaced Charity Destroys All Incentive.
Incentive Destroys All Misplaced Charities."

"Life Is An Ever Revolving Door, You Can Be 'In'
One Minute And 'Out' The Next."

"Men With Sight See Things As They Are.
The Man With 'Insight' See's Things As
They Could Be."

 Even Concrete Evidence Isn't Written In Stone."

"Marriage Is The Only 'Union' Where You're Unable
To Take Your Complaints To A Delegate."

"The Definition Of A True Friend Is Someone
Who Goes The 'Extra Mile' For You After He
Has Met You 'Half Way.'"

"It's What Man Does Today That Makes All
Our Tommorrows Come True."

"The Tongue Cuts Sharper Than Any Tooth."

"It's Not What You Think Of The 'World' That
makes A 'World' Of Difference But What The
'World' Thinks Of You."

Copyright © 2003 by Joseph P. Martino


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