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Ghost And Goblins

It was a cold and gloomy, October night,
with eyes wide, filled with fright,
she hurried along, the sidewalk dark,
as she neared the entrance, to the park.

All around her, were ghostly shapes,
some with fangs, shrouded in black capes.
A couple old hags, most suredly witches,
others with bodies, covered with stitches.

As she scurried along, in shadows deep,
up behind her, she hears something creep.
With pounding heart, she began to run faster,
knowing she's the one, the thing is after.

On her shoulder, a hand tightly grips,
with a loud scream, she suddenly trips.
Glancing around, she sees it's only her brother,
hand over mouth, a laugh trying to smother.

There's really nothing, we should fear,
for it's only, one night of the year,
when ghosts and goblins, can be seen,
so please have a safe and happy, Halloween.

Copyright © 2002 Frank J. Hornsby


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