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Funny how when you meet someone -
you never really know,
if they are going to stay around -
or suddenly just up and go.

Rarely do you know ahead -
how important they may be,
will it turn into a friendship -
on that you must wait and see.

Interesting also is the way you met -
was it planned or just by chance.
It could happen on the Internet -
or at a summer's dance.

Everyone has an opportunity -
to have an impact on your life.
As an enemy or a lasting friend -
or perhaps a future wife.

Never underestimate -
how important you may become.
For if you take a friend for granted -
you might end up feeling numb.

Depends too what you’re looking for -
it may be just a fling.
But be careful how you treat them -
or trouble is what it will bring.

Someday we may understand -
how important friendships really are.
And if compassion replaced anger -
we really could go far.

Yes, Friends are strangers we’ve yet to meet
and they may come from anywhere.
Always keep compassion in your heart
and let them know how much you care.

~© Donald Hayes~

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