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A Sweet Mother's Love

A Mother's love is truly priceless;
Worth more than diamonds, silver, or gold.
We recognize her sacrifices
As, through the years, our lives unfold.

She taught us all about God's word.
With unending faith, her voice was heard.
Her patient heart came from above,
For us to cherish 'Sweet Mother's love'.

Mother's don't judge you, even if you're wrong.
Their love is steadfast, loyal, and strong.
She sows good seed, from up above,
Then cultivates them with her love.

A Mother's love is rare, indeed.
She takes care of our every need.
Even when her golden hair turns gray,
Sweet Mother's love is here to stay.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
I love You!
And, Happy Mother's Day
To all Mothers, everywhere.

Copyright © 2003 Vickie Lambdin


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