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Special Friend

Friends are those we care about -
who touch our very soul.
They can take the shattered pieces -
and once again make us whole.

We may not know just how this is -
or why they even care.
Just knowing they are part of you -
makes them so very rare.

Always follow that voice inside -
He will never steer you wrong.
And listen closely to His message -
comes across just like a song.

The sound you hear is from God above -
telling you, you are right.
Never listen to those who doubt you -
continue with His fight.

Many are chosen but never hear -
some don't know where to start.
But those who hear know the answer -
He lives inside your heart.

And just by listening you understand -
you’re part of a special team.
And the message spoken is simple -
always follow your dream.

Inside us all is another part -
that can sometimes feel like a hole.
But it's there he stores the answers -
it's where you keep your soul.

Protect it well from everyone -
cause you really never know.
The devil can try to steal it -
but with His help you'll never let go.

Loneliness is another tool -
the devil keeps in his bag of tricks.
And those who are the weakest -
are the ones on who he picks.

So always keep your faith in God -
He'll always be at your side.
Never think he has left you -
and the devil will have no where to hide.

You are my new found inspiration -
my faith in you will always shine.
At last I found a special friend -
who I’m proud to say is mine.

And should you start to falter -
and need a reminder of who you are,
just call on your friend across the sea -
from you I'll never be far.

~© Donald Hayes~

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