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Easter poem

Easter Blessings

As we celebrate
this Easter morn,
praise and thank
the day He was born.

Understand why
He hung on a tree
He paid for our
sins at Calvary.

They mocked Him and scorned
Him, accepted all lies
They crucified Him and
a thief on each side.

He looked up above, cried
can't take anymore
take this cup from me, let
it pass, please, my Lord.

Joseph from Arimathae, wrapped His
body in a linen cloth
laid Him in a sepulchre
while His followers watched.

They buried Him in a tomb
let the Sabbath pass
returned with prepared ointments
they had stored in a glass.

When they discovered
the stone had rolled away,
they remembered His words,
He would rise the third day.

He was born to be our Savior
He died for you and me
He paid the price for us
He died so we could be free.

Copyright © by Carol Dee

Easter poem

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