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The Music of the Heart

In every human heart there is always a special song.
A melody that touches the soul, a melody that can do no wrong.
Sometimes we hear a sad song when good friends part,
Or simply for a broken tired heart.
Sometimes we hear a happy song when a new baby is born.
Or simply it is just for a beautiful morn.
With any song there are many movements,
But that divine melody never ever relents.
One movement will be sad;
the next movement will make us feel glad.
Life is made up of many songs.
Each song is special. Each song belongs.
Each day is orchestrated to perfection by the divine.
But there will always be one song that is uniquely mine.
The music of the heart accompanies us throughout life.
In happiness and in strife.
But it will always be there to bring comfort and peace.
With this melody comes the greatest release.
Embrace that special song in your heart.
That divine melody and you will never ever part.
It will always be there when you need to hear it.
Be still, be at peace and listen to it.
Always give thanks for that special song from above.
Listen to the music of the heart and fill the world with love.

© Andrew Pell


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