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Valentine poem

Valentine's Day With Jesus

Jesus does not send perfume
To linger in the air
Instead He sends salvation, sweet
To show how much He cares.

He doesn't bring me candy hearts
In boxes of delight
Instead He always lets me know
I'm precious in His sight.

He doesn't send out pretty cards
Trimmed in shades of red
Instead He gave His life for me
His precious blood was shed.

He doesn't hand out fancy gifts
Like we would send to mother
Instead He sends a message clear
To always love each other.

He does't give me teddy bears
That whimper, "please be mine"
Instead He gave His heart to me
I wear it all the time.

He doesn't give me roses, pink
For all the world to see
Instead He gave eternal life
That's good enough for me!

Copyright © by Marilyn Ferguson 2003 - Email

Valentine poem

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