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My Heart to Yours

In my heart there are many hidden places.
It is all filled with very many faces.

If you visit there you will see.
A special place I have saved for thee.

I see your suffering and share your pain.
I certainly wish we were well again.

I know and feel what you go through.
Because I have gone to that place too.

It is not for us to question why?
Many a tear we will cry.

We suffer some days more than the rest.
We try to show others our very best.

We don't want sympathy.
Not from our friends or family.

We just need them to understand.
What we have to try to withstand.

We no longer can do what we've done before.
Everything now for us has changed once more.

Yes, we are a little depressed and sad.
Remembering, we miss what we had.

We have had to give up many things we enjoyed.
Now we are among the list of unemployed.

It takes away our independence and cheer.
That we enjoyed in our yesteryear.

Please all join me in this new life.
Let's not look back to our strife.

Let's look ahead to a new adventure.
Many new things for us to venture.

Remember you're not really alone.
There are disabilities in every home.

So when you 're down and need a friend.
Email me or perhaps send an IM.

Just think if we weren't as we are,
We would not have met, for we live afar!

So isn't it nice to have AOL.
So we can share our hearts. "Isn't this swell?

What's that I see upon your face? "A Smile?"
To know you've had a friend here, all the while.

So if you are lonely, depressed or sad.
Make this your time to be Glad!

Just remember, I am here for you.
Perhaps even to write a poem or two.

To send you from My Heart to Yours.
To print out and place in dresser drawers!

Pull them out when ever the need.
A smile will grow from this seed!


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