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friendship poem

An Angel Called Back Home

You're so special, so loving, you mean so much to me
An angel from heaven, hmmm that can't possibly be
How could I describe you, it takes such great ease,
Your aura, your nature, it's like a fresh breeze,
The love of your heart is so good to be true,
You don't know how lucky I feel to have a friend like you!

You're telling me you're going, leaving this world,
I can't quite understand, my emotions are in a whirl,
Why heaven would be calling you, when I need you so much,
Its acceptance I must strive for, please though keep in touch.

Come visit me in my dreams, come see me when I'm down,
Come brighten up my day as you do so well now,
For the rest of my life, you will always be my treasure,
I will always be grateful for the times we spent together.

© Paula Henley

friendship poem

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With this special dedication "Thank you Francis Joe for being my greatest love and friend ever..."
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