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Old Man Winter

Old man winter came in with a blast.
Oh, how I wish he or she
Were a thing of the past!

Every time I go to open my door -
Snow, sleet, wind, rush in
And they are predicting more!

We crawl under the covers
And hide our heads.
Like Rip Van Winkle, I want
To hibernate and stay in bed.

We can't go to Florida,
North Carolina, or to the Coast.
Us Northerner's are suffering
And we aren't warm as toast.

All the kids in the neighborhood
Are as happy as can be.
For, there isn't any school, you see.

They won't like it when June comes along.
With make up days for them,
They'll all be singing a different song.

They may be going to school
Until the fourth of July,
When the fireworks
Are lighting up the sky.

Furnaces running, water pipes
Freezing, and big gas bills, too.
How I wish winter was gone
And all the snow was through.

In February, will be anticipating to see
If the Groundhog comes out of his hole.
If he sees his shadow,
I'll give up and become a mole.

I'm going to bed and wait for
The weather report for tomorrow.
Right now, it's snowing and my heart
Is filled with regret and sorrow.

Old Man winter has my nose.
I'm cold from the top
Of my head, down to my toes.

Another day wasted,
But, I have no regrets.
I have my God, and my Brothers
And Sisters on the net.

© 2003 by Nancy Hoback


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