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The Perfect Christmas Tree

A foggy Christmas eve,
The moon glistening bright and free.
I drove a hundred miles,
Just to find the perfect tree.

My mother always told me,
It must be big and green.
I searched until my legs were weak,
Then the perfect tree was seen.

It was everything I wanted,
What I dreamed about before.
I loaded it up in the Chevy.
And knew this tree, my family would adore.

I drove on home,
Just in time to see.
Everyone else,
With decorated Christmas trees.

When I got home,
I unpacked the lights and whatnot.
And when I was finished decorating,
I liked that tree a lot.

So on Christmas morning,
When I awoke.
The tree was just as wonderful as before,
My beautiful Christmas oak.

Copyright © Andria, 11


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