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Merry Christmas Mother

Oh mother tell me, how did you do
the dinner, the children and smile too?
I now have just began to fight
to get some sleep on this Christmas Eve night.
The turkey's done, and so's the ham
the veggies, the taters and the yams.
Who said there's no Santa?
Well, let me say this
I know who he is at every Christmas!
Mother, you didn't forget very much,
you kept the spirit through Christmas and such.
You dressed us, and fed us and cleaned up the mess,
when it came to our presents you always said..."guess"!
Our Christmas was happy but what did we care,
we knew that ol' Santa and his good old Reindeer,
wouldn't let us down again
let's sing and dance and let Christmas begin!
I knew you were there somewhere in the crowd
especially when we always got loud!
But...not until now have I come to find out,
I know what Christmas is really about.
Mother I understand why you sit there and rest,
It's our turn to treat you
Merry Christmas...God Bless.

© The Exoticwriter


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