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A Lover's Dream

On the oceans of a lover's
I left you there...
Among Springtime's
of another year --
I wept for your touch
my love...

On the oceans of a lover's
We parted
in stormy sullenness --
That destiny should have
planned this fate
To see the
angry oceans sweep
away our footsteps

On the oceans of a lover's
Our different lives
taking us away
Yet our paths crossed --
Again, entwined
And from the beginning
we knew --
Our lives were meant
to be --

On the oceans of a lover's
Different worlds,
different ways
Yet the difference --
no meaning
For all the oceans
and all our loneliness
Could not kill our love
Forever we are as one

On the oceans of a lover's
The difference is our
And no oceans can
drown us
Our love lives on
In the whispering
kisses of the
endless waves
Through all eternity
In the echoes...
of a lover's dream

~© Copyright 1999 Michael David Coffey~

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