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Thanksgiving Blessings

thanksgiving poem

T - Is for the Tons of Blessings that I receive each day.

H - Stands for these Hands that fold, when I begin to pray.

A - Means all the Awesome powers our Lord has from above.

N - Stands for His Never ending patience and His Love.

K - Is for the Kindness and forgiveness He has shown.

S - Stands for the Sweetest gift of love we've ever known.

G - Means the Amazing Grace that God bestowed on me.

I - Says I can't imagine, without His love, just where I'd be.

V - Is for (Victory in Jesus), just like that song of old.

I - Means I'll do my best, to lead lost sheep into His fold.

N - Is for the nails driven through our Savior's hands.

G - Stands for God's Greatest Gift, His Son's life for mortal man.

Many Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

~© 2002 by Vickie Lambdin~

thanksgiving poem

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Thanksgiving Poem

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