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Yesterday has once again,
come back to let me know.
That my mistakes are not forgot,
today again they show.

Reminding me that once again,
I failed in some small way.
This recall is just a hint,
of what I've yet to pay.

Don't be fooled and think its past,
when all seems good and fine.
Yesterday can be a friend,
it comes here to remind.

It does it as a helpful voice,
to keep us all aware.
If we learn from its advice,
then heart ache we may spare.

So yesterday come visit please,
remind me once again.
Tomorrow comes just much to quick,
mistakes I need to mend.

Remind me what I should not do,
and if I've done it right.
One day maybe I will learn,
and win this endless fight.

~© Joan Kasemeyer~


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