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Call Him Father and Ask

Through out our lives
When darkness
Falls all around.

Confusion sets
In and brings our
World, tumbling down.

Call for help
From above,

Call him Father
And ask-
For his love.

Call him Father
And ask for
What you need.

Call him Father
And no longer
Will your emotions

It is written
In his words.

Call him Father
And ask-
If you want to be

Call out to God
And he will

Call him Father
And ask.

His love will
never deny.

Call him Father
And ask
For what your
Heart desires.

Call him Father
And his blessings
Will rain down
In refreshing

Call him Father
And ask
When you are in

Finally learn
What his love
Is all about.

Just Call Him Father.

Copyright © weav 2001


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