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Valentine Wishes!

If all the happiness I have ever known,
would be all that I would ever own~
It would be all right, it would be okay,
because happiness has been mine since you came my way...
For there is love and then there is love,
and the love you gave me came straight from heaven above,
Kisses like yours are the sweetest kind,
when I think of them, an angel comes to mind!

If suddenly my life came to an end,
and of good things there would be no more,
it would not matter, because of the best,
I have tasted and that's for sure~
Kisses sweet as the finest wine
were the kind that made my life so divine...
For in your warm arms, I found complete bliss,
you always saw that I had much happiness,
I could not look back and feel so bad,
you can't do that when you've got the best that can be had!

And with these wonderful thoughts in mind,
I just had to send you this romantic valentine~
To tell you that I loved you yesterday,
and today I do, and I will tomorrow too...
This card is not empty, it contains my heart full of love,
to let you know it's you I am thinking of,
And it is my fondest wish today,
to wish you a very wonderful and happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day To The One I Love!

~Copyright © Miskitti~


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