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Evening's Dance

Sun was setting
in gold and blues,
promising tomorrow
will come true.
Memories linger
of hours passed.
Crimson hues..
our shadows cast.
Eyes of blue,
sun kissed skin
Lips like wine
as night begins.

Sun bestows
its final wink.
surf recedes in
shades of pink.
Mandolin cries
faint and low.
A warm embrace,
a song we know.
Rest your head,
hold me tight.
We move as one
by candle light.

Bodies sway
with gentle sighs.
Reflections play
in loving eyes.
Like petaled stem
from virgin seed,
A soft caress
like a summer breeze.
Against the walls
and window panes,
our shadows play
like summer rain.

Evening passes,
music fades.
Candle dims,
moon invades.
Filling within
hearts and minds,
like a love one feels
or hopes to find.
Now evening's kiss
is on our lips.
An evening's dance
to reminisce.
Whispers, soft,
as you take my hand.
Was it all a dream
in the evening sand?

The promises made,
not in haste.
Sweet thought of you
like honey's taste.
Between the moon
and morning light,
you take me slowly
holding tight.
Simple pleasures
as if new.
Bodies one....
but, born as two.

Like starlight's wink,
high aloft.
Your warm whisper
low and soft.
They seem to say
without a sound,
feelings true,
will abound.
Things we feel,
things we see
makes these lovers
hearts believe
in things not heard,
in things not seen,
in simple love
and simple dreams.

~© Clay Clarke Smith~


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