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A true friendship unexpectedly and innocently found online,
Who would have ever known that we would find this.
Sharing thoughts and life experiences learned through time,
It was then discovered that this true friendship was a welcomed wish.

Somehow, this friendship came to a quick ending,
Unknown and unseen to both who have come together from afar.
Circumstances were unavoidable and important matters needed attending,
All that was left were the wishes made night after night upon every lucky star.

Many years passed and life changed, some for the good and some for the bad,
Struggling to find a reason for existing and longing for a love so true.
Wondering why life was full of so many unanswered questions and feeling so sad,
Heart heavy and empty; a void that was ever so blue.

Then one day, a familiar sight appeared out of nowhere,
Could it be? Is this real? Time to quickly say hello and not hesitate.
Finally, a wish was being granted, so true and sincere,
It is my long lost friend who I thought was gone forever
and has been brought back to me...
this must be FATE!!!

~© Christina Rose~


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